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List of Tools & Equipments (Electrical)


Sr. No. ItemMakeUnitQty.
1Hammer Drill machines upto 12mmBoschNos.20
2Hammer Drill machines upto 12mmHiltiNos.35
3Drill Machines Nos.20
4Stand Drill Machines Nos.10
5Hammers 5kg Nos.35
6Spanner sets c type 6-22 Nos.25
7Spanner sets ring type 6-22 Nos.25
8Tool boxes Nos.20
9Ratchete spanner sets Nos.5
10Box spanner sets. Nos.5
11Welding stes Nos.5
12Electric thread cutting machines Set.2
13Grinder machines Nos.10
14Cutter machines Nos.10
15Crimping tools 35-400 sqmm. Nos.3
16Crimping tools 16-50 sqmm. Nos.3
17Crimping tools 4-16 sqmm. Nos.5
18Hydrolic Crimping Tools 35-400sm Nos.2
19Tata 407 LPT 14' truck for transportation Nos.1
20Scalffolding  Set.25
21Small car including MINI VAN Nos.4
22Two wheeler Nos.10
23Big SUV car Nos.1
24Office Container 40' Nos.1
25Store Container with racking Nos.2
26Store Container Empty Nos2


Sr. No. ItemMakeUnitQty.
                                          List of testing equipment's
11000/500 v MeggersWacoNos.5
22.5/5 k MeggersWacoNos.4
3Earth testerWacoNos.5
4Digital Multi meterWacoNos.15
5Tong TesterWacoNos.5
6Digital insulation meter up to 5000VWacoNos.2
7Lux meterWacoNos.1
8DB tester - SoundWacoNos.2
9Flux meter ITWacoNos.1
Sr. No. ItemMakeUnitQty.
                                          List of IT Equipment's
2N computing'sN CompuNos.20
5Laser printers A4BrotherNos.2
6Ink Tank printers A4 ColourEpsonNos.1
7Ink Tank printers A3 ColourEpsonNos.1
8Telly ERP 9SoftwareNos.1
10CCTV SystemSoftwareNos.1
11Time MachineSoftwareNos.1